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Rental Event Solution

Rental Event Solution

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Nowadays, as the increase of people's spiritual consumption year by year, the stage performances, sports events, public events and other activities been more and more diverse, the requirements for Stage visual effects become higher and higher. The transformation and upgrading of rental activities has been promoted continuously , and the scale of the rent market continues to rise.

Solutions for rent events provided by YESTECH, with multiple industry-leading technical advantages and numerous classic cases, which are suitable for using in various of rent events scenarios in the global market.



Unlimited creative combination, creating a dreamy stage effect, high refresh rate, no delay in live broadcast.

Strong stability, ensuring smooth performance and zero failures throughout the performance.

Fast installation and fast response speed.


One screen with multiple displays, real-time live broadcast of the event, and seamless advertising;

High refresh rate, no delay in live broadcast, double backup to ensure stability and reliability;

Humanized structural design to protect the safety of players.

Launch event

Wide viewing angle and audience coverage, more suitable for conference venues;
Backup for signal and power supply to ensure the smooth progress of the meeting;
High refresh rate, no delay in live shooting.


Achieve the perfect integration of sound, light and video, so that church members can be immersed in it when they worship, and better organize various music concerts and other activities.
Wide viewing angle, viewing without color cast and block.
High refresh rate, no delay in live shooting.

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